TQ's ten-minute play writing workshop January 14th attracted 17 folks eager to learn the craft. Organizer Donivee Laird was assisted by Darcy Mitchell, Mike Redican, Chris Thompson and Allen Perkins. Great ideas filled the air. Hopefully some of them will show up in TQ's Ten-Minute Play Festival in May.

Next up: "The Art of Failure" Sunday, March 4th, from 1 to 5 p.m. at QCC. It's been said that most people are afraid of failure. What if that's not true? What if, what most people are afraid of is success? We're actually quite adept at failure because we fail at lots of things. Success requires that we re-wire our perception of our self. Now, that's exciting (and scary). Come and take a refreshing look at so-called failure and turn it into something great. After all, we learn from Trial and Error, not Trial and Success. Failure is an opportunity to begin again with new insights about what not to do!

Join Kate Alexandra and Owen Williams in this vigorous workshop exploring how so-called "failure" can serve you to learn, grow and get more out of life. Sponsored by Theatre Quadra. To register, call Owen at 250-285-2530. Theatre Quadra members free. Non-members $25.

Coming soon: TQ's adult cabaret at the Legion in late March. Is your head filled with naughty thoughts, like a bawdy lip synch or an original song or dance? Come share them with us. Please submit your ideas to TQ at TheatreQuadra@gmail.com"